S is for SAFETY- your child's safety is our number one priority. We do this through making sure our site and resources are safe, through our safeguarding responsibilities and through championing every child's wellbeing. We teach children to keep themselves safe, through a number of safety weeks throughout the year e.g. E-Safety, stranger danger and NSPCC's PANTS.


A is for AIM high- Ask any child, 'what do we do at St. Andrew's?' and they will reply, "AIM high!" and 'how do we do that?', "MAGIC learning!” Our AIM high motto is all about recognising and working towards fulfilling our hopes, dreams and aspirations. Our 'Can do' attitude AIM HIGH motto- Aspire- Inspire- Motivate is woven into everything we do as a school.


I is for INDEPENDENCE- One of our most important jobs as a school is preparing your child for life in the 21st Century. One of the first things we do is work with you to make sure they can do things for themselves. Please remember that being responsible for their own things is an important part of this, so please make sure they carry their own bags etc. and say goodbye to them at the front entrance or foyer, letting them make their own way to class. (Pastoral staff are available first thing to chat, should you wish to and class teachers are available after school- see the school office or pastoral team should you need to make an appointment).  


N is for NURTURE- St Andrew's is well established as a nurturing school - applying the Nurture principles to everything we do. We support every child according to their needs, and run a Nurture classroom, teaching collaboration and relationship building through sensory, crafting & team building games.  We also run various support groups to build pupil's confidence and self-esteem so that they can confidently AIM high to achieve their potential.


T is for THRIVE- "We know that children learn best in school when they are happy and settles. At our school we are using the Thrive Approach to help us develop all our children's emotional and social wellbeing. Thrive helps us to check children's readiness to learn, to identify any gaps and then to plan to meet them. In this way we make sure that all our children have what they need to make the best progress in their learning". 


A is for ATTENDANCE-AIMing high starts with being in school as much as possible. The government expects a minimum on 95% attendance and at St. A’s we aim high for 100%!  We have a range of attendance awards pupils can earn, especially our HERO certificates (Here, Every day, Ready to Learn, On time) See our attendance section for more information, or speak to Mrs Cason who is our Attendance Ambassador.


N is for NIGGLES- As parents, you are your child’s champions, wanting the very best for them. Primary school is a precious time to get the foundations for their lifelong learning journey right. Therefore if you have any niggles, not matter how small, please come and talk to us as soon as you are able so that we can work together to make sure that their education is the best it can be in order for them to flourish!  You can catch a member of the Pastoral team in the morning, or if you would like to speak with your child’s class teacher, please ask in the school office to make an appointment. If you are still not happy, please make an appointment to see Mrs Gore-Rowe. You can always contact us via Class Dojo too!

D is for DOJO-  As part of our Behaviour 4 Learning Policy, our rewards and sanctions system is recorded in the Class Dojo system and you can track this at home (or on the go) using the Dojo app. We also use this to blog the learning stories of each class and individual pupils also have their own which you and your child can log into and use too.  As your child amasses dojo points aplenty, they can be converted to Dojo tokens which can be exchanged in the Dojo rewards store. Ask a member of staff for more information & watch this space for a ‘Parents’ Guide to Dojo’ which is coming soon.


R is for READING- As a school; we are in LOVE with reading and aim to inspire a lifelong love of books in every child. Each child has their own library card and parents are encouraged to read with their child every day (even in Year Six, as they still need the daily encouragement and 1:1 discussion only you can give them!) and to remind them to change their reading books as regularly as is appropriate (even the most avid reader will struggle to get through a dense Harry Potter in a week!). Please pick up a Reading with your Child guide for more information and ask about the next Reading Café to find out how you can get involved.


E is for ENCOURAGEMENT- Everything we do to help your child be the best they can be is based on praise, reward & credit where they are due. AIM certificates are awarded where pupils uphold our school values, and AIM high in their learning. You are invited to join us for our AIM Collective Worship on Monday morning (8.45am) when we celebrate the learning for the previous week in order to launch the new week with learning and community stories to inspire and motivate us. Those parents of children receiving certificates will receive a personal invite. 


W is for WORK- We work hard in lessons, persevering when there are challenges to overcome, but as Amber in Year 2 says, “We never give up, because even if we can’t do it yet, we keep trying and we get there in the end.”  You can do your bit too by helping your child with their homework.

S is for SERVICE- St. Andrew’s is a school committed to learning; however it is also a diverse and caring community.  Pupils are also encouraged to take responsibility for and serve their school and wider community by getting involved in a range of activities. They are invited to apply for roles including School Council & House Captains (who organise fund raising and a number of in school activities, acting as a voice for the pupils where opinions are needed); Collective Worship Leads (who organise Collective Worship sessions, make sure Collective worship has an impact around school and regularly lead their own Collective Worship sessions) and Curriculum Ambassadors (who are champions for their subject around school - we just have Reading, Writing and Maths at the moment, however more are planned in the future).  In each class there are a range of jobs which pupils take turns to perform, such as librarian, resource managers and art monitors etc.




Details of the school day are here.

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