Welcome to St Andrew's Church of England Primary Academy


 Dates for your diary: 

Oak Class Swimming at Necton Pool starting Tuesday 20 February.  There will be 10 weekly sessions. Girls need a one piece swimming costume and boys need swimming trunks and a towel.


 Spring Bank Holiday Monday 7 May (school closed).

Half term Holiday Monday 28 May to Sunday 3 June 2018.  

Back to school Monday 4 June 2018.


Break time tuck shop!

Tuck Shop Prices: 

Slice of toast-20p 

Cheese on toast-40p 

Oaty bar-40p 


Orange/Apple Juice-20p 

Pizza Slice(Fridays only)-50p 

If your child wishes to buy snacks please can they bring their money with them in a named purse to put inside the class money box. 


 Attendance and success

Good attendance is vital for good progress at school - Children only get one chance at school, and your child's chances of a successful future may be affected by not attending school regularly.

Please take a look at the Attendance information under the Parents Tab.


For our latest Diary Dates please see the Parents tab - Newsletters



The tree represents the fact that we are a nurturing, forest school. 

The leaves represent the diversity and unity of our school community working and learning together. It represents the fact that we are about the growth of the whole child and that we are stronger as a team. 

The hand as the branches of the tree represents our 'AIM high' motto, reaching up for strength and support from the community, as well as aiming to be good contributors to our community - striving to be the best we can be. 

The tree growing out of the book comes from how we see that children grow from their learning, inspiring a love of books and reading, as well as respect and love of the stories in the Bible. 

The white cross at the heart of the tree, makes clear our commitment to our church values and the fact that we are proud of our status as church academy within the DNEAT family. 

 Written collectively by St. Andrew's pupils & staff, Jan 2016 


We are life-long learners... What does that mean? Find out here...

 Our small school is also home to our thriving pre-school, Little Sunbeams.

We serve the communities of North and South Pickenham and the surrounding area.  Could you help by becoming one of our team of school Governors (more information on being a Governor) or joining the Friends of St Andrew's?

Our Facebook page has the latest school news and information. Emergency school closure information will be broadcast on local radio or you can visit www.schoolclosures.norfolk.gov.uk  

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